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A Foodie Guide To Chicago’s Best Restaurants

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August 30, 2016 / American / By
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The bold architecture, the skyline, the culture, the art and many other unique aspects make Chicago a place loved by many tourists. When it comes to the landmarks and the activities you can do in the city, the opportunities are endless and the same thing goes for restaurants.

Since being a foodie means enjoying a place’s cuisine and flavors as much as enjoying its other features, we decided to take a look at what Chicago has to offer in terms of places to eat out. We compiled a foodie guide to Chicago’s best restaurants and we hope you’ll join us in our journey.

What we love most about Chicago’s restaurants is the fact that there are no limitations in terms of cuisine. Foodies will be able to test and taste foods from various international cuisines in places that try to recreate the flavors of specific foods but also the traditional atmosphere of the places they mimic.

The Angry Crab


Image source:

The Angry Crab is not the typical sea food restaurant with fancy food and a pretentious atmosphere, it is actually a friendly place where large groups can gather to enjoy deliciously cooked Cajun-style seafood.

The menu is as playful as the place itself and it has appe-teasers, various appetizers including French fries, chicken wings and fried calamari; let’s get crackin’, main dishes with many seafood specialties like lobster, shrimp and crab; extra h’angry add ons, side dishes that can accompany the main dish of your choice such as corn, sausage and potatoes; make it flavorful, three types of sauce: Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter, Angry Cajun that can be served alone or combined in a Maniac sauce; I like it spicy – before ordering your main dish and side dish, you have to decide your spicy level from four levels: Level 1: Calm Cubs (pinch of spice!) Level 2: Ragin' Bulls (kick of spice!!) Level 3: Ferocious Bears (spicy!!!) Level 4: Dangerous Hawks (HELLA SPICY!!!!); extra dirty – add bread, condiments and other things that will make your meal even better and the thirst is real, the drinks menu that includes various types of soda and water.

Image source:

Hopleaf Bar

Image source: Hopleaf Bar

If you are in love with the Belgium beer and the Belgium cuisine, Hopleaf Bar is the place you really need to visit if you find yourself in Chicago. The huge selection of beer will make any beer enthusiasts feel over the moon while the delicious food will compliment your favorite drink perfectly.

Listing all the beers included in the menu will take forever so the best way to discover all is to visit the bar. If you are hungry when visiting the bar, order Mussels and Frites, a famous dish Hopleaf Bar is renowned for.

Owen and Engine

Image source: Owen and Engine

One thing you will notice about Chicago is that you will find many European inspired places. Embracing the European influences usually leads to places with good food and amazing atmosphere. The same thing happened with Owen and Engine, a gastropub inspired by the British flavors and design.

From fish and chips and probably the best burgers in town to various types of beer and Sunday brunches, Owen and Engine is a place for those who love British comfort food with a touch of French here and there.

Image source: Owen and Engine

Smoque BBQ

Image source: Smoque BBQ

We cannot ignore a place that serves delicious barbecue, after all Chicago is a city in the US. The taste of the most famous American summer flavors are combined with a neighborhood atmosphere at Smoque BBQ.

The menu includes everything from tender brisket to smoked pork and yummy ribs served in the traditional style along beans, coleslaw salads and other American side dishes and side salads.

Image source: Smoque BBQ                                               

Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Image source: Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Honey Butter Fried Chicken is another place that serves delicious American food but what we love the most about this restaurant is that they use only farm raised chicken and they believe that everybody should know where the food is coming from, how it is served and how it is prepared. In addition to this amazing philosophy, Honey Butter Fried Chicken has a strong community that creates a very friendly atmosphere in the restaurant.

The menu is, like you can imagine, filled with various chicken dishes. Fried chicken and chicken sandwiches are the stars of the restaurant but Mac n Cheese, tacos and chicken strips steal the highlight from time to time.

Image source: Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Fat Rice

Image source: Fat Rice

When you get tired of the American flavors, pay a visit to Fat Rice, a restaurant that experiments with Macau cuisine opened by Abraham Conlon, a chef that really knows how to make fusion dishes delicious.

The menu includes many flavorful dishes like pork chop sandwiches, piri piri chicken, dumplings and other specialties that will make you drool.

Image source: Fat Rice

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Image source: Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

After so much delicious food, any foodies needs a break and by break we mean a dessert break. Enters Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, a restaurant and dessert bar that surpasses the expectations of the most rigorous dessert lovers.

Besides the dessert menu that includes various cakes, tarts, ice cream and sorbets, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate offers brunch, lunch and dinner menus for a complete dining experience.

Image source: Mindy's Hot Chocolate

We are sure there are many other incredible restaurants in Chicago where tourists and locals can indulge in delicious food but these seven are by far our favorites. If you visit Chicago or other place in the world and you want to share your culinary discoveries with foodies from all over the world, join our community! It’s free and it will offer you the opportunity to write about your favorite places while connecting with like-minded people that have a passion for good food and wonderful culinary experiences.



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