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A Sweet Treat You Shouldn't Forget

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October 10, 2016 / Ice Cream / By
Katie Schenk


I held a surprising number of part-time jobs while I was in high school – and those rare moments when I was in the country (and not working full-time) during my college years. A fabric store, a bookstore, a hair salon, a clothing store, and a motel managed to squeeze in between my craving for (or natural predilection towards) food work.

Malley’s was one of those jobs. The old-fashioned pink dress might have been a little difficult to deal with if a couple of friends weren’t also donning the same uniform. (And now that I think about it, I can’t imagine some people in a pink dress… myself included.)

The Mentor branch of Malley’s was one of the first to offer something akin to an original ice cream parlor alongside their (Cleveland) famous chocolates and sweets. And for what must have been at least half a year I worked wrapping gift boxes, preparing sundaes, and helping customers find the right chocolate for any occasion.


For the most part, Malley’s takes a back seat in my memories.  The gift wrapping skills I developed when doing nothing but wrapping chocolate boxes for hours on end occasionally pushes to the front of my brain around Christmas. But, other than that, the pink uniform and the feeling of working in a room dripping with pale pink paint has, somehow, escaped reflection.

Well, it was like that for many years. Even though I pass Malley’s countless times whenever I visit the ol’ homestead, I never turn in. I don’t eat that much chocolate. And, I’m pretty sure that I dig into ice cream once (maybe twice) a year.

As it happens, though, Malley’s became a destination when my kids and I needed to waste just a few moments. Being boys just moving into the teen phase, the first thing they noticed was all the pink. Then there was the soda counter where you can sit on high stools watching your ice cream being made. (Incidentally, that’s where I served Art Modell an ice cream sundae before he became the most despised man in CLE history.)


The boys chose completely delightful ice creams from the sundae menu. And then I immersed myself in the memory of summer days at work making plans for the evening… and winter evenings wrapping box after box of Billy-Bobs, Nut Mallows, and Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters.


Walking out the door (after perusing the truffle options), the boys commented that I must have worked everywhere; that I’ve had a lot of jobs. That’s not a bad thing… not least because I made a lot of memories that only take walking inside an old workplace to remember. Malley’s might just be the favourite I’d completely forgotten.

Malley's Chocolate Shoppe & Ice Cream Parlor

Country: United States

Province/State: Ohio

City: Mentor

Address: 8920 Mentor Ave

Zip/Post Code: 44060

Location Tips: between Jackson Street and Hopkins Road

Phone: +1 440 974-1440


Price Guide:$$ (What's this?) N/A = home cooked meal,etc
$ = street food, fast food,etc
$$ = bistro, cafe, pub, bar,etc
$$$ = fine dining,etc

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