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Cumpa' Cosimo, Ravello

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September 19, 2016 / Italian / By

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in the Costa Amalfitana's Ravello and a range of prices to match. On our first night there, we wandered into the town and selected what looked like a very popular restaurant overflowing with customers. It wasn't an entirely random or uninformed choice - we'd had a look through the usual digital guides to eating in unfamiliar places: Tripadvisor, Foursquare and Yelp and the first two gave Cumpa' Cosimo lots of stars and mostly complimentary comments.

As it happened, we didn't need a reservation - luckily the restaurant expanded into at least three rooms, so there was room for the two of us and the many people that arrived after us. Despite living in a variety of different countries for the last twenty five years, we've never been able to shake off the habit of turning up to eat at a generally earlier hour than the locals do, so you can often get a table at a place that would be fully booked by 9.30pm by arriving at 8.00pm and chancing your arm.

Sometimes though, this can lead to unforeseen consequences: years ago, in the lovely Spanish town of Avila, TTG and I turned up at a likely looking restaurant in the town's Plaza Mayor. Yes, of course, we could have dinner, but the kitchen wouldn't be opening for a little while and would we like a drink while we waited? The little while turned out to be over two hours and the drink led to a second, and then a bottle (I think - god forbid that it was more than one) and you can probably guess the have to guess, because neither of us can remember a single thing about the restaurant or the meal. Ah well, we were younger then.

Apart from having a short undemanding holiday, the object of the trip was to eat fish. So I started with anchovies, The Tall Guy went straight for the pasta and we decided to both conclude with the mussel soup.


Several waiters milled about, orchestrated by someone who appeared to be in charge, perhaps it was even Cosimo himself. It was he who had greeted and seated us. He fussed over all the guests as they arrived especially the pretty girls and provided us with entertainment while we waited for our food.

The anchovies were simple and delicious. They looked good as well with a posey of chopped tomatoes to accompany them. TTG enjoyed the pasta and I was able to sample a little of it while I sat enjoying the house white wine which was inexpensive and entirely drinkable.


Then the moment we had been waiting for, the mussels. Although the flavour was there, we were both a little disappointed at the quantity. I see, from reading a sample of the Tripadvisor reviews that we are not the only ones to be a little disappointed in Cumpa' Cosimo, but to be fair, it's better than an Italian tourist trap of the kind you encounter all along the Grand Canal in Venice, for example. In terms of the price paid, Cumpa' Cosimo was good value for money in this rather expensive little town. Although we enjoyed other meals we had in the coming days more than this one, they were also much more expensive. 

Cumpa' Cosimo

Country: Italy

Province/State: Campania

City: Ravello

Address: via Roma

Zip/Post Code: N/A

Location Tips: N/A

Phone: 089-857156


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Copyright © 2012-2018 Eat the Globe™ - All rights reserved
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