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August 19, 2012 / Cake / By

You know a night out with friends is going well if you can still go to a dessert place after eating a Korean BBQ buffet…or it could be going downhill…

Despite being rather full, we decided to go for a walk and find a place for desserts and coffee. We ended up at the Four Seasons Hotel - Bar/lounge area for a sweet kick. We decided to share some desserts, we picked 2 cakes that caught our eyes: "Sticky Date Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream" and "Warm Chocolate Fondant, Raspberry Sorbet". The clear winner was the Chocolate fondant, the ozzing warm chocolate centre was melt in your mouth goodness, not to sweet, and had a strong chocolate flavour. The sticky date pudding was quite good too: warm with good caramel sauce; however, we found it was slightly overpowered by ginger flavours. I also tried the Sydney breakfast tea; it was a pleasant surprise, a bit more fruity and lively than English breakfast, it reminded me of Earl grey but more fruity....a great change if you feel like trying a different tea flavour...

The big, comfy chairs were a perfect way to relax and enjoy the desserts and the staff were friendly and helpful too...all in all, a great night!

Four Seasons Hotel Sydney - "The Bar"

Country: Australia

Province/State: New South Wales

City: Sydney

Address: 199 George Street

Zip/Post Code: 2000

Location Tips: It’s just on the ground floor/lobby level of the hotel.

Phone: 61 (2) 9250-3100


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