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Fortnum and Mason in Dubai

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May 31, 2014 / English / By

Dubai, a place where anything can happen,  now has its own branch of Fortnum and Mason. My daughter-in-law is an aficionado of teas and tea cups, so I accompanied her and several tea connoisseurs to see what was on offer.

The tea house is located in a part of the Address Hotel but is attached to Dubai Mall by an elevated bridge. We made a mistake finding our way there and ended up walking an uncomfortable distance in the humid heat of summer in Dubai. But actually, it is possible to access the tea house from the Mall at ground level and one floor up without breaking a sweat, although it is necessary to leave the air-con for a few steps.

It may seem that I am making a fuss, but the UAE in summer is either very hot, or very, very hot and these configurations come with humidity. I was not prepared for the humidity when I first came here many years ago, but now, although used to it, I try desperately to escape for three of the most humid months of the year.

There is an elegant little tearoom on the ground floor, but it was full. So we went up one level to the ice cream parlour. This had a more relaxed atmosphere than the rather precious tearoom below. The display area is lined with very pink marble and the glassed parts are stuffed with jars of sweets and cakes. On top there are waffle cones.

The ice cream parlour will be a great venue in the winter when the temperature is perfect 24/7 as there is a terrace with views across the Dubai Fountain to the Burj Khalifa.

It dominates the sky-scape and always makes me a little nervous. I have never availed myself of the opportunity to go to the top of this, the tallest building in the world. I take visitors to Dubai Mall and pretend nonchalant disinterest while they queue for tickets and allow themselves to be hurtled upwards in express elevators. But the truth is, I am too scared. This must remain a secret.

Choices were made about the different teas on offer. But when my friends attempted to order some rather exotic teas, they were told by the waiter that these teas were only available downstairs. We had been told exactly the opposite by the staff downstairs, so after a little persuasion, the waiter decided to see what could be done. As it is a very new venture here, there is clearly still some staff training to do.

Three tea pots, each one large enough to satisfy a small family, soon arrived and the tea drinkers got down to it. I opted for an elderflower cordial and a sticky toffee ice cream in a waffle cone. It was delicious but my teeth ache when I think about it. Clearly, this is another psychological disorder that must never be divulged – fear of sugary food and toothache.

When it came time to pay the bill, it turned out that my daughter-in-law’s tea was twice the price of everyone else’s and my cordial and ice cream combo was a mere AED 44.00, or about £7.00. In such an elegant setting, it’s a bargain.

Fortnum and Mason

Country: United Arab Emirates

Province/State: Dubayy

City: Dubai Mall

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

Zip/Post Code: N/A

Location Tips: Opposite Dubai Mall

Phone: N/A


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