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French Butter

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May 7, 2016 / French / By

Years ago, I tasted a delicious butter. I think it was at the French restaurant, Traiteur, in Dubai. It was so delicious I haunted the butter section of the Dubai Carrefour, a French supermarket, but none of the butters I purchased tasted as good as this benchmark from the past.

Then I travelled to the south of France and was taken to a Michelin starred restaurant where I basically ignored the food in favor of the bread and butter. I have little fondness for dishes that are made with 16 ingredients or boiled in plastic bags or whatever new craze is hitting the food world. I like honest, identifiable food, and fresh ingredients that taste of themselves.

Recently in Paris, I was on the hunt for butter again. I bought two different butters from the local supermarket. One was in a gold and blue wrapping. I admit I chose it on the basis of appearance and price. It was the second most expensive available. The other pack I bought was much more expensive – we are still only talking a few euro; it is butter after all. This butter, the Échiré in the picture, was wrapped in gold foil and presented in its own little wooden tub made of thin slats. With packaging like that it had to be fantastic, right? Well, it was delicious, but there was still something missing.

Don’t go thinking I was disappointed. In order to test the different butters, you realize I am only giving you the edited highlights, I had to eat a lot of bread and butter, and there is nothing bad about that. Well weight gain would be a negative, but I was walking so much each day that I did not have that to worry about. And, yes, French butter beats Italian butter by a country mile. If I could find French butter, any French butter, in my neck of Umbria, I'd buy it by the pallet-load!

Eventually, we went back to an old favorite, the Breizh Café, in the Marais district's Rue Vieille Du Temple. This is a restaurant and delicatessen combined in one building but with two entrances. We had a delicious crepe each, asparagus for me, then wandered around the corner to the deli and there was the most magnificent array of butter - Le Buerre Bordier.

There was butter with salt and without, with smoked salt and with vanilla. I bought several of each. That night I met a group of friends who were also visiting Paris and they were all intrigued to hear about my butter escapades. We had a butter tasting using a fresh baguette. Was it the butter I had been searching for? Honestly, I can’t be sure. It is delicious, really delicious and I was instructed to go back for more for my friends, but was it as good as the one I had in the south 10 years ago. I have to admit that I just don’t know. The butter quest may have to continue.

Cafe Breizh

Country: France

Province/State: Paris

City: Marais


Zip/Post Code: 75003

Location Tips: N/A

Phone: 01 42 72 13 77


Price Guide:$ (What's this?) N/A = home cooked meal,etc
$ = street food, fast food,etc
$$ = bistro, cafe, pub, bar,etc
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Wow...I need to add "butter" to my to eat list the next time I am in have inspired me!
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