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Poo Restaurant

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July 5, 2014 / Thai / By
Ryan Dickinson

Poo Restaurant may be unfortunately named, but it is one of the best restaurants in Sukhothai. It is located on the main street, very close to the bus pickup for the Old City and, as a result, does a very steady business.

I first stopped at Poo with a fellow teacher because it began raining spontaneously and I wasn’t dressed to continue walking in the weather. It was nearly empty when we entered around 3:30, but by 4:30 it had become quite crowded. Over my next visits over the course of many months I would learn that this was the norm: it would be empty during the day when tourists were off exploring the Old City and it would fill up at night with families and backpackers who were looking for a quick and easy place to eat.

As it was located on the main strip of Sukhothai, Poo was almost an exclusively tourist restaurant. Even so, it offered a decent selection of Thai food and a few Western options. I was enormously disappointed with their Western food (their concept of a burger was particularly disappointing), but I really enjoyed all of their other food.

My favorite dish at Poo was their chicken & cashew nuts with rice. This may be one of the most standard Thai dishes offered at every restaurant in Thailand, but I would select Poo’s interpretation of the dish over any other restaurants. Their pineapple, peppers, and tomatoes were always fresh and their sauce was always deliciously tangy.  

I also greatly enjoyed the Sukhothai noodles at Poo Restaurant. Sukhothai noodles are exclusively found in the city of Sukhothai and Poo Restaurant is one of the few that offers them on their menu. These noodles have a glassy exterior and are served in a sweet peanut-based broth. They are a great alternative to anyone trying to avoid spicy food.

Additionally, Poo offers a large selection of Belgian beers, cocktails, and smoothies. The staff at Poo seemed to take pride in their large menu offerings. Everything on their meny is also moderately priced and probably a little bit cheaper than other tourist-based restaurants in Sukhothai.

Overall, this is an excellent option for tourists looking for a conveniently located restaurant with good food and a friendly atmosphere. Every time I ventured to Poo, I always met a few friendly travelers and bonded a little bit with my waitress. I always ended my meal satisfied with both my food and my conversation. Without a doubt, I would consider this to be one of the top five restaurants in Sukhothai.   

Poo Restaurant

Country: Thailand

Province/State: Sukhothai

City: Sukhothai

Address: Jarot Withithong 24/3, Sukhothai, Thailand

Zip/Post Code: 64000

Location Tips: N/A

Phone: N/A


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$ = street food, fast food,etc
$$ = bistro, cafe, pub, bar,etc
$$$ = fine dining,etc

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