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Seafood Galore at Christchurch

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August 12, 2012 / Italian / By

It was the second last day of our stay in NZ, so we wanted to finish it off with a bang....we really wanted to try the local NZ seafood produce....I came across a seafood speciality restaurant in Christchurch in a dining we decided to track it down....

We walked from our hotel and made our way down to the restaurant....sure enough...we saw some flashing signs with the name we were looking for ...Palazzo ...

We walked up the stairs to the top...where the restaurant was....

It was nice had a certain italian feel to it....and the staff were friendly and attentive....I decided to try out their kiwi juice...while my friends tried the kiwi wine....the juice was nice and refreshing.....and the kiwi wine was light and sweet...very palatable...

We decided to share a entree seafood taster....the seafood was very fresh and the sauces it came with were just right.....a great way to start off the night.

I love scallops so decided to order that for my mains, I ordered the "Fettine San Gianni" (Pacific Scallops in olive oil, garlic and tomato sauce)....the sauce was lovely and the scallops were tender and juicy...they were very generous with their scallops serving...a dish worth trying....

Even though we were all stuffed...we decided to share a dessert...they had an interesting orange jelly dessert with Grand we chose that was a refreshing dessert as there was actual orange pieces within the orange jelly and we could taste the Grand Marnier in the dessert...I am not much of an orange fan...but this was worth a try...


Country: New Zealand

Province/State: Canterbury

City: Christchurch

Address: 108 Hereford Street

Zip/Post Code: 8011

Location Tips: In Shades Arcade

Phone: 03 365 4640


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$$ = bistro, cafe, pub, bar,etc
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