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Tenuta di Titignano

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February 3, 2017 / Italian / By

There comes a time when you think you have been to all the best restaurants in the area and then you get a surprise. We had heard about Titignano as a legendary place to eat for a number of years and almost gone there in the summer of 2016, but never actually made it. Well, we got there in 2017 and it was worth waiting for.

It is more of a village than a restaurant although there is a huge restaurant housed in what seems to be an ancient building, dating in parts from the 11th century. Underneath the restaurant are the cellars which you are welcome to visit. They are dimly lit and go off into the distance – very atmospheric.

As I said, it is more of a village owned by one family and there is a church as well as accommodation, so it is a perfect place to have a wedding. In the summer, meals can be served in the central piazza or in the cellars as well as the normal dining rooms.

On the day we were there, a cold Sunday in January, the main room of the restaurant was packed full of people celebrating a christening. However, there are at least three other spaces, one of which the six of us were very happy in.

I had been told to pace myself, but all the warnings in the world did not help much because as well as quantity, the restaurant delivers quality. We started with freshly baked foccaia, then two other forms of antipasti with bread. I would seriously caution you to go sparingly at this stage, but you won’t. First timers, self included, never do.

But if I tell you that there will be cold meats, three different pastas, three or four different hot meat dishes and potatoes, still to come, you might have a chance of moderating your intake to the extent that you survive the experience. Oh, and I forgot the risotto and the green seasonal vegetables!

This is all served with wine made on the premises; as you finish the first bottle, another will appear and another, and another. For the terminally sober, or the drivers, there’s an endless supply of water, too.

Then there are the deserts. I can say little about them as I only looked at them. But, as well as three sweets, there were oranges and because we were celebrating two birthdays, we also received a strawberry cake and a bottle of prosecco.

If you don’t believe me, I can understand your reaction, especially as in 2017, this cost 30 euro per person. Years ago, I met a couple in Singapore who could always do everything for less than anyone else. I’d challenge them to beat this if I were still in touch with them.

It is a little out of the way, but be adventurous, program your sat-navs for Titignano and sally forth. It is a lovely drive in a wooded part of Umbria and you can always stay the night. Book ahead though, as it is very popular with people coming from Rome at the weekends. An experience like this will give “Italian adventure” bragging rights for a long time to come.

Tenuta di Titignano

Country: Italy

Province/State: Umbria

City: Titignano

Address: Locanda Titignano, 7, Orvieto, TR

Zip/Post Code: 05018

Location Tips: Titignano is on the scenic route, between Todi and Orvieto

Phone: 0763 308000

Price Guide:$$ (What's this?) N/A = home cooked meal,etc
$ = street food, fast food,etc
$$ = bistro, cafe, pub, bar,etc
$$$ = fine dining,etc

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Copyright © 2012-2018 Eat the Globe™ - All rights reserved
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