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Travel Destinations - A Foodie's Guide PART 3

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June 26, 2017 / International / By
ETG - Food For Thought

After exploring some 18 amazing cities in our part 1 and part 2 travel guides for foodies, it is time to explore another 9 cities that welcome tourists with open arms and tables full of delicious traditional, fusion or international dishes.

Bordeaux, France

The first city in our Travel Destinations - A Foodie's Guide PART 3 and our third France city included in our foodie travel guides is Bordeaux. Bordeaux is renowned for its wines but the food scene is also amazing and quite diverse. From traditional French dishes, such as foie gras and duck confit to numerous seafood dishes including platters of shrimp, clams, mussels and oysters, Bordeaux offers foodies a gourmet experience paired with top quality wines from the vineyards outside the city. 

The best restaurants in the city change their menus every season to be sure their dishes are made only with local, high-quality ingredients.

La Brasserie Bordelaise is a popular restaurant amongst tourists that serves a wide range of French dishes including Bavette de boeuf, delicious steaks, black truffles and, of course, foie gras. The wine selection of La Brasserie Bordelaise includes over 700 bottles of wine you can choose from and the dessert list contains some of France’s best and popular desserts. Le Chien de Pavlov and La Tupina are other restaurants that should be on your list if you plan to visit Bordeaux.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is not only a beach destination but also a food destination for those who love to experience different cuisines in one place. In Sidney, you can find everything from Japanese inspired dishes to modern Cantonese cuisine dishes and numerous healthy dining options. Sydney’s foodscape was revamped by the young local chefs who took inspiration from Asia but also from the western cuisines. Fusion cuisine is the norm in Sydney and the dishes are a great mix of western foods prepared in a classic eastern way but you will also be able to find numerous places that serve traditional Asian dishes or dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.

Little Hutonga was voted the place with the best Asian food in Sydney and is a perfect restaurant to visit if you are a fan of Asian dishes. Café Opera is perfect for those who want to try modern Australian and international dishes and Mediterranea Restaurant is the place to be for those who want to explore great Mediterranean dishes.

As for must-try dishes, we highly recommend the Typhoon Shelter Crab and as many pork dishes as possible because Sydney’s chef are very creative when it comes to pork dishes.

Dakar, Senegal

The flavorful food scene of Dakar is a mix of West African, French and Lebanese style dishes served in elegant restaurants but also at various food stalls around the city.

Tourists who love to explore street food should head over to Medina, the southern part of Dakar, a place where they will find numerous open kitchens and street stalls that serve spicy and flavorful dishes. Dibi, roasted spicy mutton served with onions and bread on a simple brown paper, is a go-to option for those who buy food from street stalls.  

Those who prefer dining in a restaurant have numerous food options to choose from, the city has many French, Senegalese, West African and Lebanese establishments where tourists and locals can try various dishes and tastes.

Chez Loutcha is a popular restaurant that serves delicious West African dishes but also a variety of seafood dishes.

Speaking of seafood, Dakar is a great city for seafood lovers, especially the beachside neighborhoods where there are located numerous seafood restaurants and eateries.


The Singaporean chefs succeeded to transform the city-state into a top location for foodies from all over the world by creating a melting pot for Asian cuisines. Chinese, Indian and Malaysian dishes with a Singaporean twist can be found all over the city-state in elegant establishments but also at the street food stalls.

The street food scene offers flavorful options, such as chicken satay, black pepper crab and a variety of Indian curries. Make sure you add Lau Pa Sat, Singapore’s market, to your list of places to visit for discovering local food. Besides street food, Singapore is also the place where you can eat and see your food being made in front of you by Michelin-starred chefs. Something from everyone seems to be the city’s moto when it comes to food and we think that’s every foodie’s dream.

Lisbon, Portugal

While you visit Portugal, you have to try as many seafood dishes as possible because seafood is very popular in Portugal and Portuguese chefs and cooks really know how to prepare amazing fish dishes. Foodies are known for their desire to experience local cuisines and if you find yourself in Lisbon, we are pretty sure you will love the food scene of the city as much as we do. From amazing seafood-based dishes such as cataplana to delicious Portuguese style sardines and to various meat steaks, Lisbon has a lot to offer to its food obsessed tourists.

Lisbon’ foodscape changed drastically during the last decade thanks to some amazing chefs who decided to switch from simple dishes to amazing culinary experiences. The ingredients used in Portuguese cuisine were always amazing and the dishes were always flavorful but now, Lisbon is a place that provides incredible dining experiences offering playful, creative dishes inspired by the traditional recipes. Putting a modern spin on traditional dishes is a worldwide food trend that doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon and we are excited to see young chefs being creative in the kitchen and revamping some delicious classics and transforming them in fantastic gourmet dishes.

Jose Avillez is the most renowned Portuguese chef and the person responsible for the change Lisbon’s food scene experienced and when you visit Lisbon, you have to stop at one of his restaurants to try his inventive dishes.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Another place in Europe where you can discover delicious seafood dishes is Thessaloniki, Greece. Thessaloniki is considered Greece’s foodie capital and it’s easy to see why – the cosmopolitan city is the place where classic Greek flavors are paired with Mediterranean flavors, mixed with Balkan and Baltic cuisines and influenced by France’s style of cooking and serving dishes.

A summer vacation in Thessaloniki is not complete without a souvlaki or a gyro bought from the street stalls. The small eateries you can find almost at every street corner are a very affordable option for tourists who want to discover the amazing flavors of Greek cuisine. A Greek salad or a Greek lasagna, Patitsio, are a must for tourists and so are the markets where you can discover other inexpensive but delicious dishes and Greek-style fast foods.

While visiting this vibrant city that has so many amazing flavors, you have to stop at one of the bakeries to test the famous trigona panoramatos (custard filled pastries shaped like triangles) or koulouria, a regional type of bagel.

Zagreb, Croatia

Image source: Coralie Ferreira via Flickr

Zagreb is yet another city that offers numerous options for foodies – traditional Croatian dishes, fusion dishes inspired by the western and eastern European cuisines, amazing street food, elegant gourmet experiences but also numerous fast food establishments with comfort food.

The first food-related experience you need to try while visiting Zagreb is a traditional Croatian lunch that includes hearty meats, grilled or roasted, and/or fresh Mediterranean seafood dishes.  After trying a traditional hearty meal, you can visit a bistro where you can order something light and healthy. The bistros in the city are known for their quick and light modern dishes. Soups, salads and quick snacks are very popular in these places.

The food joints that serve fusion cuisine are another option for the city’s tourists and so are the street food staples of Zagreb. The street food of Zagreb changes seasonally though there are street foods you will be able to find year round, such as burek and other pastries. During summer the most popular street food you can find is corn on the cob, while locals’ favorite street food during winter is a sausage in a bun served with mulled wine. Roast chestnuts are also well loved during cold autumn and winter months.

Zagreb is also a place where you enjoy the experience of fine dining in very elegant establishments that change their menus often to make sure their guests receive only dishes made with fresh ingredients.

Bali, Indonesia


Bali is a renowned tourist destination and the island’s food scene is as diverse as its tourists. From French and Italian cuisine to Asian flavors and American-style barbecue, you can find everything in Bali. However, you cannot say no to the special dishes that originated on the island and that are different than the dishes you will find in other parts of Indonesia. Expect numerous rice dishes served with veggies, meat and seafood. Visit the warungs (family-owned food businesses) for traditional Balinese cuisine, stop at the local markets for fresh products and maybe enroll in a cooking class to learn as much as you can about the fascinating Balinese cuisine.

If you prefer dining out, there are numerous restaurants that provide gourmet experiences to their visitors and the health food scene is also impressive. Vegans and vegetarians have numerous options for eating out and so do the tourists who prefer organic meals. Coffee lovers will be pleased by the numerous cafes and bars they will find in Bali.

Bali is that place that managed to have something for every tourist that visits the island during a vacation and no matter what you prefer in terms of food, you will be able to find something that will make your taste buds very happy.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Steakhouses are very popular in Buenos Aires and the juicy beef steak will satisfy even the most pretentious foodies. Nowadays, Buenos Aires is also home to numerous establishments that decided to reinvent the classics and to transform the beef steaks into a real feast. Empanadas are, of course, very popular amongst locals and tourists and you can find a variety of types you can try while visiting Buenos Aires. Meat or vegetarian options are available but you can also choose from fried or baked varieties.

The Latino flair or Buenos Aires’ cuisine is something that will never and should never disappear from the city but we have to admit that we love the European vibe of some of the dishes prepared by the younger chefs.


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